All Trophies & Winners

Basil Marks Cup

This cup, presented by Basil Marks, is awarded to the best player on Monday afternoons, with NGS 6 upwards


2015 - Laurence Chiswell

2016 - Laurence Chiswell

2017 - Laurence Chiswell

2018 - Pat Lee

2019 - Laurence Chiswell

2022 - Laurence Chiswell

2023 - Geraldine Springer


Rosemary Churchill Salver

This was presented by Rosemary who has spent many years teaching/coaching individuals how

to play bridge.  It is awarded to the best player on Monday afternoons with NGS below 6.


2017 – Marilyn Craine

2018 - John Gough

2019 - Barbara Warner

2022 - Alice Louis

2023 - Rosemary Tuddenham


Goff Cup

Winnie Goff was a founder member. She died in 1993 aged 98.  Courage was not an unusual

trait in her family as several won VCs, some were knighted. The cup is awarded to the best

player on Monday evenings with NGS below 10.


2015 - Jerry Attwood

2016 - John Hardy

2017 - Rob Wanders

2018 - Rob Wanders

2019 - Avril Strong

2022 - Rob Wanders

2023 - Colin Smith


Goulding Cup

Mary Goulding was a founder member. She was a generous woman and provided us with

all those storage cupboards on the landing and in the Pink Room. The cup is awarded to

the best player on Monday evenings with NGS 10 upwards. 


2015 – Barbara & Ian Gordon

2016 - Jack Woodard

2017 – Jack Woodard

2018 - John Hardy

2019 - John Hardy

2022 - Malcolm Wright

2023 - John Hardy

Barnacle Cup

Leslie Barnacle was a founder member and committee member for many years.

She was a charming woman who always had a smile for you.

This cup is awarded to the best player on Wednesday afternoons with NGS 6 upwards.


2015 – Alan Jeffery

2016 - John Hardy

2017 – Gilbert Jones

2018 - Denise Ireland

2019 - Gilbert Jones

2022 - John Austin

2023 - John Austin


Paul Warren Salver

This was presented in memory of Paul who passed away following a tragic accident.

 It is awarded to the best player on Wednesday afternoons with NGS 5 and below.


2017 – Duncan Macfarlane

2018 - Peter Cropper

2019 - Barbara Warner

2022 - Alice Louis

2023 - Jane May


Eve Harrison Salver

Eve always played with George Yarnell and they also spent every winter on the high seas

cruising on cargo ships. She was very sun burnt and also always very smartly turned out.

This cup is awarded to the best player on Wednesday evenings.


2015 – Mike Rounds

2016 - Geraldine Springer

2017 - Sue Dyball & Mike Rounds 

2018 – Sue Dyball & Mike Rounds

2019 - Geraldine Springer

2022 - Eileen Perrigo

2023 - Nigel Utting


Palmer Cup

This cup is played for on Thursday evening and is awarded to the best player with NGS 6 and below.

Winners: -

2015 – Jerry Attwood

2016 - Sue Simpson

2017 – Sue Simpson

2018 - Roger Geach & Pat Holmes

2019 - Bob Cole

2022 - Stephen Kay

2023 - No award


Ricardo Cup

This was presented by Evelyn Ricardo, a Welsh international who was the second owner of the

Club.  It is awarded to the best player on Thursday evenings with NGS 7 upwards.


2015-  Lynda & Colin Smith

2016 - Jerry Attwood

2017 -  Roger Bill

2018 - Jerry Attwood

2019 - Denise Ireland

2022 - Nigel Utting

2023 - John Hardy

Chairman's Cup

It is not known who presented this cup initially but it could be Leslie Skiming who was chairman

at the time the competition started.  This is an individual competition within a teams event

held on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

Winners :-

2015 - Brian Hart, Mike Rounds, David Hughes & Roger Pyart

2016 - Brian Hart, Mike Rounds, David Hughes & Roger Pyart

2017 - Brian Hart and Mike Rounds

2018 - Laurence Chiswell

2019 Laurence Chiswell & David Hughes

Alan Jeffery Cup

This was presented by Mary Oates in memory of Alan who was keen to promote bridge to those

just starting the game.  This is an individual competition within a teams event for less

experienced players held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.


2015 – Pam Duffield

2016 – Penny Mitchell & Angela Neale

2017 – Pam Duffield, Sue Napper & Katherine Holbrooke

2018 - Jenny Guiver & Ann Button

2019 - Lilian Wilson


Hill’s Trophy

This is Worthing's premier teams event, played in November and everyone is invited. It was

presented by Colonel Hill, a founder member of the Club.  


2015 – Gerry Stanford, Dave Franklin, Neil Watts & Nigel Urban

2016 - John Austin, Ron Seymour, Roger Bill & Paul Londesborough

2017 – Dave Armstrong, Jill Armstrong, Martin Greely & Peter Griffin

2018 - Neil Watts, Philip Hunt, Mathew Smith, Richard Newton.

2019 - Martin Pool, Gerry Stanford, Dave Franklin & Mike Carrington.

2022 - Linda Turley,Chris Constable,Malcolm Wright,Ann Button.

2023 - Peter Burns, Christine Jepson, David Telfer, Neil Watts


Roy Skelton Cup


Roy was, in essence, one of the founders of the modern day WBC. He was one of those who in the 1970s lent their own money to help purchase the club premises which we enjoy today. More recently Roy was elected annually as Chairman of the club over a period of four years and subsequently was appointed as the club’s second President until his death in 2017. The Roy Skelton Cup competition stands as a fitting reminder of the major contribution Roy made to the success of WBC over a period of more than forty years.


Winners :-

 2018 - Carol Pembury & Marie Willey

2019 - Caroline Kemp & Penny Mitchell

2020 - Kathy Hall & Mike Perle

2022 - Christine Constable & Ann Button

2023 - Robert Turvey & Lyn Topley

2024 - Annie Harris & Gerry Connolly



Club Weekend & Spring Festival Trophies

Head’s Salver 

This salver was presented to the Club in 1938 by the Club's owners, Mr & Mrs LW Head. It is played for

in the Club weekend/Spring Festival teams competition which is a two session event held on the Sunday.



2015 – Mary Oates, Geraldine Springer, Gill Skelton & Roy Skelton

2016 – Ernie Rivett, Carol Pembrey, Lynda & Colin Smith

2017 - Dick Wheeler, Roger Pyart, Valerie Benson & Tilly Hennings.

2018 - Gillian Mayhew, Peter Mayhew, Colin Smith, Lynda Smith

2019 - Tilly Hennings, Roger Pyart, MIke Percik, Valerie Benson

2022-Mike Percik, Valerie Benson, Roger Pyart, Roger Bill

Best Improvers Sue Napper, Jan Adams,Sonia Rothschild, Alice Louis

2023 - Robert Delacour, Eddie & Shirley Elliott, Sabina Surrey

Best Improvers: Pam Alexander, Annamarie Beresford, Amanda Clark, Ann Mackown

2024 - Denise Ireland, Jean Meneely, Sandy Reimoser, Sue Simpson

Curry Cup

Iris Curry owned the Club after the Ricardos and before Derek Boreham. She presented her cup

when she left to go to live in London. Her cup is now presented on the Monday evening

(originally Friday evening) of the Club Weekend/Spring Festival to the winners of the

Mixed Pairs.  

Winners :-

2015 – Fran Thornton & Laurence Chiswell

2016 – Mike Rounds & Sue Dyball

2017 - Denise Ireland & Ken O'Brine

2018 - Jack Woodard & Scottie Scott

2019 - Roger Pyart & Valerie Benson

2022 - Christine Constable & David Hughes

2023 - Annie Harris & Ian Robertson

2024 - Tilly Hennings & Laurence Chiswell



Roger Pyart Trophy

Roger learnt to play Bridge at Worthing Bridge Club when he retired to Worthing in 1993. He soon became a good player and then director. Roger had great knowledge of the rules of the game due to his photographic memory and directed with great authority. His name appears on many of the Winners boards around the Club and he especially liked competing in and won many trophies in what is now known as the Spring Festival. Roger was a kind, keen, and considerate partner which he would surely wish all those competing for his trophy will emulate. He very generously bequeathed £10,000 in his will to Worthing Bridge Club.  In his honour, we have purchased a Vase, which will be awarded to the winners of the Wednesday afternoon Handicapped Pairs during the Spring Festival week. 



 2024 - Christine Norris & Rosemary Tuddenham



Ernie Rivett Cup

Ernie, who became Chairman in 2011, presented this cup for winners of the Wednesday

afternoon event during the Spring Festival.


2017 - Peter Harrison & Gilbert Jones

2018 - Denise Ireland & Sue Simpson

2019 - John Hardy & Duncan Macfarlane

2022 - Eddie Elliott & Geraldine Springer

B Section - Pat Holmes & Angela Neale

2023 - Rosemary Tuddenham & David Underhill

2024 - Christine & Richard Diebel




These are now played for on the Wednesday evening (originally Saturday evening) of the

Club Weekend/Spring Festival as the Open Pairs competition.  Again origin of donor unknown.

Winners :-

2015 – Barbara & Ian Gordon

2016 – Sue Dyball & Mike Rounds

2017 - Gillian Mayhew & Eve Snowdon - Trigg

2018 - Malcolm Wright & Stephen Waters

2019 - Jack Woodard & Tilly Hennings

2022 - Janet Cretchley & Robert Pepper

2023 - Ernie Rivett & Sue Simpson

2024 - Tilly Hennings & Jack Woodard


Pollard Cup

This cup, presented by Mary Pollard, is now played for on the Thursday evening of the

  Club Weekend/Spring Festival.  It had previously been used for Thursday evenings.

Winners :-

2015 – Jerry Attwood & John Hardy

2016 – Ken O’Brine & Jack Woodard

2017 - Gillian Mayhew & Nigel Utting

2018 - Barbara Miles & Jane Tourell

2019 - Laurence Chiswell & Jerry Attwood

2022 - Nigel Utting & Ann Button

Robert Pepper & David Hughes

2023 - Roger Geach & Rob Wanders

2024 - Eileen Perrigo & Ernie Rivett

Robertson Salver

Billy Robertson was an active and well loved committee member before his sudden untimely

death. His trophy, a salver, used to be played for on Friday evenings. The last winner was

George Cooke in 2006. It was previously presented to the novice player in the Novelty Pairs

played on the Saturday afternoon of the Club weekend. It is now presented to the pair with

fewer than 5,000 Master points on the Thursday Evening of the Club Weekend/Spring Festival.

Winners :-

2015 – Jerry Attwood & John Hardy

2016 Not Awarded

2017 - Chris Constable & Linda Turley

2018 - Sally Tarr & Debbie Hildick-Smith

2019 - Susan Napper & Katherine Holbrook

2022 - Pat Holmes & Angela Neale

2023 - Bob Cole & Tilly Hennings

2024 - Amanda Clark & Alice Louis

The Ladies’ Vase

This was introduced by the Club to replace the Brooches played for at the Club Weekend.

It is awarded for the Ladies Pairs on the Friday evening of the Spring festival


2015 – Eileen Perrigo & Janet Cretchley

2016 – Geraldine Springer & Barbara Gordon

2017 -  Gillian Mayhew & Janet Cretchley

2018 - Sandy Reimoser & Sue Simpson

2019 - Alexa Baxter & Sue Horscroft

2022 - Anne Goldsworthy & Alexa Baxter

2023 - Barbara Gordon & Geraldine Springer

2024 - Siobhan Mullins & Carol Pembrey


The Men’s Shield

This was presented by the club for the Men’s Pairs on the Friday evening of the Spring Festival.


2017 - Peter Nursten & John Reynolds

2018 - Chris Reimoser & Ian Gordon

2019 - Laurence Chiswell & Dick Wheeler

2022 - Rob Wanders & John Hardy

2023 - John Hardy & Rob Wanders

2024 - John Hardy & Rob Wanders



Not Currently Played

Boreham Cup 

Derek sold the Club to members in the early 70s. The Committee have decided to award this

cup to the pair with the best score out of the two sessions played in the

Sussex Simultaneous Pairs which is run at the beginning of the year. Current Holders: - None.

Flitch Cup

Presented by Gordon and Joan Pinker in 1974.. As the Club has so few married couples playing

together it has not been played for since 2006 when it was won by Joan and Geoff Kellett.

Head & Coram-Wright Brooches

These were marcasite brooches and were presented to the winners of the annual Women's

Pairs event. They were given to the Club by Mrs Head (the original owner of the Club in

the 1930s) and Vera Coram-Wright. Vera always sat at table 3 with her partner Mary Fish,

who was one of our strongest players. Mary partnered Harold Birch (founder member,

founder chairman and Premier Life Master) when he was a beginner! The brooches are

no longer presented.

Final Brooches Winners :-

2010 – Valerie Chandler & Eileen Perrigo

2011 – Janet Cretchley & Eileen Perrigo

Kent Cup

Jessica Kent's Cup is the trophy for the annual open pairs competition. She was very smartly

dressed at all times and always wore a turban.  Last Holders:-2010 - Jasmine Whiteway & John Taylor

The League Cup

This cup was awarded to the winners of The Worthing Club League.Current Holders :- 

Not Known


Marshall Martin Cup

This cup presented by Mrs C Marshall Martin was for rubber bridge. It was first won in 1936.

It was last won in 1967 by Molly Guinness and Elizabeth North. 


Neele Salver

This cup presented by Vivian Neele was won by the best player on Friday afternoons.

Not currently awarded. Last Holder: - 2011- Alan Jeffery


Parker Cup

Pat Parker was tragically accidently killed whilst on holiday in Scotland with her son.

Her son presented the Club with her trophy to be presented to the winner of the Club's

Individual Competition. Current Holder: - 2010 Barbara Gordon.  Not currently awarded. 


Leslie Skiming Trophy

This trophy was the Chairman's trophy and was played for on Saturday night - a teams event.

Leslie Skiming was a founder member and chairman for 20 years, following his son Brian into

the post. The trophy was presented to the best player of the year who has fewer than 25 green

points and was played for on Saturday evening. Last Holder:- 2009 - Margaret North















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